What to replace 2001 Astro with? Need EXACTLY that cargo space!

I saw a similar post in 2010. I’m a musician, carrying heavy music and P.A. and lighting gear around. As you van users know, and as far as I know, there is NOTHING that replaces the Astro or Aerostar? Just the Mercedes Benz Metris, and even that is not as wide. Has to be on a truck chassis, not a car chassis like so many minivans and SUV’s these days. We’ve been hobbling along our Astro and have been fixing everything on it, but I’d really like to get a new van. Has to fit in our standard 2 car garage. Can’t be a pickup or camper shell. We need to lock up expensive and fragile gear. Any suggestions, peeps? THANKS! Delene

@Triedaq since you have a similar situation, would you have any suggestions for the OP?

Since it was not told if they are looking for new or used I have no idea what to do.

New or used? Why does it have to be exactly the same size as the Astro? Do you need seating other than the two in front? Why does it have to be a truck frame?

  1. Chevrolet Express van
  2. Ford Transit
  3. Dodge Promaster

I think the most secure transport would be a small box truck, like an Isuzu or Fuso.

I really liked the Ford Aerostar I once owned. I replaced it with a Windstar, which was replaced with an Uplander. My last two minivans have been Toyota Siennas. While I liked the fact that the Aerostar rode on a truck chassis, the succeeding minivans did the job for me. I have had 2 cellos, a French horn, a trumpet, a violin, and a flute and the six players in the minivan and we drove to a gig 50 miles away. I have folded down the rear seat in the Sienna, removed the center.csptain’s seats and hauled a set of four timpani.
I considered a full sized van, but it was too clumsy for everyday driving for me, and I didn’t want to have a third vehicle.
I don’t know what musical equipment the OP has to transport. One possibility might be a Ford Transit if a Toyota Sienna won’t do the job. Another possiblity might be an SUV such as a Toyota 4Runner and an enclosed trailer. A timpanist in our chamber orchestra brings his own set of timpani to gigs and pulls a trailer behind an SUV.
I understand the OP’s situation and I don’t know that I have the perfect solution for him.

Transit Connect or Mercedes NV200 might not be big enough, A low roof Ford Transit or Nissan NV is probably the closest in the current market.

Instead of asking people to find something to match a 21 year old van to carry equipment that they have no idea what it looks like just leave the house with a tape measure and find something .

As for the truck frame , why does that matter ?

Used. Can’t afford new. Thanks!

I’ve left the house with a tape measure and that’s when I realized the Metris is not as wide and probably wouldn’t work. I need a truck frame because we carry HUNDREDS of pounds of P.A gear and musical instruments for our band. Thanks!

Thanks! I’ll check out! So far I’ve found the Transit and Connect are too big or too small! Yes, I need a low roof to fit in our standard garage.

There are two of us going to gigs. Thanks for your info. Yep, we need a truck chassis for VERY heavy P.A. gear besides our instruments. Don’t want to pull a trailer. We want to park in our garage. Thanks for your info!

Used. Same exact size because of how we load our heavy P.A. gear. Everything barely fits now when we have our big gear. Just the two of us riding in the vehicle. Thanks for your suggestions. And yes, it has to fit in a standard 2 car garage. I’ll check out your suggestions! THANKS! Delene

Thanks for asking Tridaq!

Then start looking for another Astro, as you seem to think nothing else will do.

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Go to cars.com and search on cargo vans in your price range.

It seems that this old Astro van is rated at about 1600 lbs. of cargo . Looking at the Ford connect it seems to be 1500 lbs. Not enough difference to matter.

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Don’t want to trade a 2001 for a 2005. Thanks! And something else MAY work, that’s the reason I’m asking! Thanks for all your info! Delene

How about a pickup truck with a camper shell?

Yep. Going there! Thanks!

The Promaster is too tall. The Transit is too long.

The Nissan NV 200 should fit.

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