6.5L turbo diesel motor mounts

I have a 96 Chevrolet C3500 with the 6.5l diesel. I bought the truck as a “roller” but it came with the junk 6.5 and a 6.2 long block. I have done all the necessary swaps to use the 6.2 with the electronics and turbo from the 6.5 however, I have no “block side” motor mounts for either engine. Is there a specific mount used for the 6.2, 6.5, or 5.7 gas? I have unlimited access to small block gas mounts if they will work. Thank you!

What do you mean “block side” ?? The block to mount bracket? Or the mount to frame bracket? Seems the diesel mount rubber itself is used across all engines for several years. The rubber portion seems to be the only thing on RockAuto. Likely any other parts are long out of production for this 23 year old truck.

I’d suggest just modifying the 6.5 block bracket to fit the bolt holes on the block. That may take 1/4 inch thick plate drilled for the 6.2 block pattern and welded to the 6.5 bracket.

Block to mount bracket is what I’m missing. I do not have either set.
Thank you!

I bet the Chevy dealer, or a junk yard knows. Why spend hours, maybe days waiting on answers from internet forums, for an answer you can get in 10-15 minutes with a couple phone calls.


engine bay was empty? motors in truck bed? yep thats a roller
Funny. Mount was not in engine bay and original motor is in truck bed. Where did it go?

Good luck finding the bracket. These are old truck pitfalls for a 23 year old truck. You might have to make the mounts if you can’t find any in a wrecking yard or maybe the part is still available. An internet search might find a reproduction or universal part that will work.

I would hold off on ANY work on this truck until you literally have those brackets in your hand

When you call around, there will probably be a few places that claim their computer system shows the bracket in hand, yet when somebody goes to actually take a look, the shelf will be bare . . . expect that

What you’re looking for is not a part that moves, from an inventory standpoint. Brake pads, tires, wipers, those kind of parts move. Motor mount brackets, not so much

Thanks everyone for all your input! I decided just to try out the brackets from a ‘95 tbi 350 and they’re exactly the same.
Thanks again!

found a guy with your parts. and 2 completes rigs for 1000

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I looked at the LMC truck catalog (parts for old trucks), but it is unclear if any of their mounts are applicable for the 6.5L D engine. Still, since OP has an old truck, LMC’s Chevy truck catalog would be a good thing to have on hand. I have a paper copy for my own old truck and it definitely comes in handy, if only to see the diagrams of how the various truck parts go together.