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52 MG TD that won't move

Hi, I have a 52 MG that has been in the garage for 20 years. I’m trying to roll it out but only 1 wheel will turn! The car is in neutral. I ended up dragging it out and now I can’t get it back in ! Any ideas !

Your brakes may have rusted in place, brakleen may work wonders.

hmm, sounds like it could work, so I take off the tires and spray it on the brake components?

I would saturate the drums and pads if you can from under and interior. Safety goggles and don’t smoke. Hit them well once, wait 20 minutes hit them again and see if it goes. Gosh darn almighty that is one beautiful car!

Yes, it is likely the drums are frozen with rust. If you pull the wheels off and hammer the drum with a rubber hammer you might break the drums loose. On the rear the parking brake may have been pulled and the linkage must also be tapped and the brake handle convincingly pulled and released to free the cable. If you have no interest in all that work let me know and I’ll get it out of your way. No charge. Just call BR-549.

I have brake cleaner… will that work?

Shucks, I’ll give you a grand and come after it. NY, right? You don’t want that rusty old thing cluttering up your driveway.

I agree about the rusted brakes or parking brake cable. Brakleen is just one brand of brake cleaner. At this point, saving the brakes is not your biggest problem. If your brake cleaner won’t work, you may need to use more of a lubrication product such as PB Blaster. You’ll have to spray it into the drum thru the crack from the backside and soak the cable. It’s braided, and will admit lubrication. It will undoubtedly take more than one application. If you restore it, you will probably replace the brakes and drums too.

lol, a lot of people want it. I’ve had it appraised at $4,000. Been in the garage since the 70’S even has the inspection from 73 I sprayed the brake cleaner today and got 2 of 4 wheels moving. will try again on the other 2 in the morning.

Good news, I got 2 out of 4 spinning. The drivers side rear and front passenger tire won’t budge. I will apply some more cleaner today and give it another whack tonight. The parking brake is in the down position and won’t budge, but I assume since its down, that isn’t the issue. I’ll update you again in the morning. thanks!