Read drums jammed

I drove my 2001 Grand caravan sport from michigan to Dallas and parked in my friend’s garage. When I went back to my friend’s home after 30 days to get my minivan, first it could not start, the battery was too low. I called AAA and jump started. It started fine and I put on Reverse but the minivan would not move. It’s not going forward or backward. I called AAA guy again and he said may be the rear drums are jammed. I called near by mechanic and he said we need to cut the drums and put the new ones. My question is: has anybody encounted this problem with minivan/car? Please advice.

I bought a VW bug for my son from a friend who had parked it in his drive for two years, with the parking brake on. That is likely what happened to you.

It took a little effort, but a few forward back cycles and a little careful prying and shoving, got them free.

I had the same issue with my Sunbeam when I was at army camp for a couple of months.  Same deal there, I was able to free them up.  

Get a half dozen or so strong young lads and use the engine and the lads to rock it back and forth.  Likely it will free up.  Maybe some WD40 in the right spots might help.

Remove the wheels. bang the drums with a hammer not too hard, enough to cause vibration this might help. Make shure the emergency bk is off.The brake pads are welded with rust on the drums, you will probably have to buy new drums, and new brake pads. Pep boys will resurface your drums if withim specs.

30 days is not that long. Are you mechanically inclined? You could get the drums “free” (face it, someone is going to do it anyway) by jacking up the rear end, removiong the rear wheels (one at a time), bang on the drums with a hammer, spray penetrating oil where you can get it (like inside the drum, inside and along the emergency brake cable, everywhere you can. Bang on it some more, rock the drums back and forth, operate the emergency brake a bvunch of times. I’ll bet that you’ll get the wheels to turn in a little while. Now . . the problem of pulling the drums off and cleaning it properly. Ever pull a drum off before? It’s not hard but this gets a bit more involved. The operation basically involves removing that shiny metal cap in the center of the drum, unbending the cotter pin and removing it, turning off the axle nut and rocking the drum until the wheel bearing pops out, then pulling the drum off and inspecting/cleaning (with some type of solvent like brake kleen) the whole thing, and then reassembly (unless you need to replace stuff). I’d find it to be a good way to spend an afternoon, but then again I like to do this stuff. Are you mechanically inclined?

Oh, one more thing . . . block the front wheels and leave the emergency brake OFF, tranny in PARK if FWD, neutral if RWD. Good luck! Rocketman.

The shoes have rusted to the drums. They will usually pop free by trying to move back and forth, drive and reverse, drive and reverse, while applying a fair amount of power…This my be difficult to do if it’s stuck in a garage with little room to move…