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5'1" and looking for a comfy used car

I am a woman 5’1" and am looking for a used comfortable driving car easy to see all around. what would you suggest? I currently drive a 2014 Honda Accord. I get a horrible back ache everytime I drive and have had to remove the head rest because it leans to far forward.

I would suggest driving as many different types of cars for as long as the salesman will tolerate you. Going to one of the big used car sellers, like CarMax or similar, will offer you lots of candidate cars to try out. Of the ones you like best, rent or borrow the candidate cars for the weekend and drive it on every type of road for as long as you can. Renting is cheaper than buying a big mistake.

Some used car dealers can offer a 3 day buy-back program if you don’t like the car. But you must do this when you have time to really evaluate the car. Only then will you be satisfied with the car you choose.

There is no way we can make a useful suggestion of which cars because we can’t know what will make you comfortable. Only you can decide that. Good Luck on your search.

That is worth repeating because comfort is a personal item , not something that anyone can say this will work for you.