5-year-old boy walking onto highway barely missed by work pickup truck

Bravo, Will Gunter! Tremendous, life-saving reaction!
Somehow missed the child and did not lose control of the pickup.

I cannot fathom how a parent can be so neglectful as to have their 5 year old child entered a highway on foot. Unless the parent(s) deliberately did such awful act.

Good for the driver. He wasn’t texting while driving.

Several years ago I found a 4?-year-old in the median of a four-lane arterial road.
Immediately stopped in lane 1. As I was abouto voice-dial sheriff dispatch stored in the cell phone, I saw the mother come out her front door. House on a cul-de-sac perpendicular to the arterial which did not enter the arterial.
She looked absolutely distraught when she saw the stopped emegencyehicle. Lightbar not turned on.

I believe wind blew the heavy front door openough and the boy went for a walk.

Think a few other cars ahead of me drove by without stopping. Wish that I had retained the dash cam video.

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Not hard to believe at all, little kids can be very resourceful and get into, or out of things in a hurry if they are curios… My grand son when he was 5 (6 now) would grab a kitchen chair and move it over to the counter, climb up into the chair, then onto the counter and over to the top of the fridge where he would grab a snack to eat that we were hiding from him… They can also open doors and be out of the house in the blink of an eye… but ask them to pick up their mess on the floor and they act like they speak a different language than you… :man_facepalming:

So if you have more then one small child, one can make a run for it while you are tending to the other one and before you know it, Bam, they gone…


Yep, I remember putting slide locks on the outside doors too high to reach to keep the rascals inside. I think a kid had wandered out in the cold and snow.

You never know what goes through their minds. I remember Timmy from next door came in while the wife was in the shower and said watcha doin Mrs b? Scared her half to death.

Locks are nice but can be a problem too. I was home with the kid that day and went out through the garage to get the paper. Cane back and I had locked myself out, with the two or three year old upstairs. It was the garage so took a hammer and broke through the sheet rock to get in. It was where I was going to put a door anyway.

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When I was probably about 4 y.o., I decided to stand on a kitchen chair in order to retrieve the box of matches that my mother used to light our gas stove.

She placed the matches up there to keep them away from curious little me, but she didn’t count on me using a kitchen chair to reach them. I didn’t count on burning my fingers as a result of that stunt.

But, the pain from the burn wasn’t as bad as the pain from the spanking that I got, and I didn’t use matches again until I was much older.


I was expecting a story about picking up a 4 year old hitchhiker and giving him a ride at 130mph… :wink:

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Once again showing how accurate the screen name is.

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Nowadays, many people consider spanking to be child abuse and will report parents to the police

I consider(ed) it discipline

I was disciplined MANY times as a kid and I’ll tell you what . . . whatever bad things I did that merited discipline, I never did them again

Kids are coddled too much nowadays, and the results are predictable, imo





I 100% agree with you and VDCdriver, and to add a little bit, when your kid falls down while playing and scrapes their knee and it is not bleeding, (bad/much) make em get right back up and go play, don’t act like it is the end of the world… I’ve had mechanics smash their finger and want to go home, I am like, shake it off and get back to work, I have worked on many vehicles while bleeding before, no one died from it… Kids today are being raised to be wimps with all the coddling… I can’t tell you how many times I have taped up a finger and kept going… lol

My brother in law simply told his 8 year daughter in an unfriendly tone to not do a forbidden action she was told not to prior.

The following week, the teacher for his child called him, questioning and threatening to call CPS on him.

So yes, parents are not to train or correct their children.

Luckily for my brother in law, he had the incident recorded inside of his home, and it was a very normal interaction between him and his daughter.

Needless to say, she’s a spoiled brat today as her dad is scared of her.

My oldest son (now 35 with 2 boys of his own) back in grade school was acting up at school and the teacher called me about it, I said bust his butt, she said I can’t do that, I said the principal can, she said only in certain situations, I said look lady, I can lock him in a torture chamber and beat him within an inch of his life at home but if you are afraid to discipline him in any way then he is going to keep on doing what he is doing because he knows you are a push over and not do anything about it, she then said well it is not that bad, I then said then why are you calling me about it???

I went to the same school he was in when I was his age and remember the teachers talking me and whoever out in the hallway and busting my/our butts and we found a new respect for that teacher… If not then you made it to the principals office which was an even harder butt busting… Normally didn’t go much further than that cause when you got home one of your parents busted the hell out of your butt for being embarrassed from having the school call them about you acting up… lol

Now our daughter was Gods gift for not killing the boys… She only had one little tap on the behind when very young by her momma and never needed it again, ALL the teachers loved her (one wanted to clone her so her kids would know how to act lol) as well as the principals and even ALL her managers AND district managers when she had them… She also worked 40-50 hours a week and got her degree of bachelor of science criminal justice with a 3.7 GPA in the normal 4 years (high school was a 3.9 GPA and graduated in 3 1/2 years), since 15yo she has always had a job or two and always been a very hard worker… And she is NO push over either… lol

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Reminds me of the first day of class my elementary school teacher held up a big wooden paddle, said “This dear students is the Board of Education” … lol … I don’t think he ever used it though. At least he didn’t on me. He did tend to get into sort of wrestling contests with some of the more uncooperative students.

Well you don’t have to get physical to make an impression. In fourth grade I. Had to write 500 time something like I would not talk out of turn etc. on the blackboard during recess, at home at night. Before computers and word processors. My sister took mercy on me and forged copies over the lamp shade. I dunno how long it took but that’s enough to write a short novel. I don’t know if it worked or not but I never said another word in that class. I suspect there was a reason she was single yet.

I had to do my fair share of that sort of backboard writing too, usually for too much joking w/other students as the teacher was giving the lesson. Math experts tell the story of a German student who got the punishment of having to add together all the numbers from 1 to 100. To his teacher’s surprise, he figured out the correct answer in just a couple of minutes. His last name was Euler … lol.

That never worked for me… lol… The very hard solid board of education seemed to get the point across much better to me…

I really made the teacher very mad doing write offs one time, the whole class had to do them and it was enough that everybody else used at least 2 pages front and back, I was able to see (back then) very well and could write VERY small, I was able to, with a very sharp pencil, put like 8 sentences on one college ruled paper line and did the complete write offs on a 1/2 a sheet of paper, well she sent me to the principal’s office and he was not too happy either, but he used a magnifying glass and every word was there and spaced out with proper punctuations, with all the required sentences… He couldn’t do anything but ask me not to do it again… I never got write offs in that class again… :rofl:

I’ve only gone to our assigned clinic when I’ve broken bones or the bleeding simply wouldn’t stop

Otherwise, I’m like you . . . wash your hands, put a band-aid on and keep working

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Sheesh, what a creampuff. The typical response is -‘rub some dirt on it and get back to {fill in the blank}’ :grinning:
In this case, probably already some grease on the wound so get in the sink and scrub it clean with Fast Orange and a finger brush. Put a band-aid on and get back at it.

Those were the same mechanics that never got sick on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays… :man_facepalming: :crazy_face:

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