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4x4 will not engage

I have a 2019 ram 1500 4x4 but my 4wd will not engage any of them 4wd auto will not engage nor will low and high it doesn’t say service it just blinks repeatedly and then it eventually goes away and it will not engage

Is it still under warranty? Get it in before it’s not, because this is likely to be expensive.

did the salesman let you put it in 4x4 during the test drive to see how it works? ah, you saw the 4x4 switch and assumed it worked just fine? well, you know what they say.

I REALLY hope that the OP’s 2019 truck is still under warranty!

This is an issue that needs to be addressed with the dealership. If they are not willing or able to resolve the issue for you, then you need to contact the manufacturer. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

Do NOT try to have this repaired by anyone other than a dealership.

Me too, but if it’s a 2019 that was sold in 2018 it’s entirely possible he’s put 40k on it by now, which would put him well out of the basic warranty. And if it’s an electronics problem rather than an actual driveline problem, they’ll probably weasel out of fixing it if he’s outside of the bumper-to-bumper period.

Shouldn’t the 4x4 mechanism be covered by the Powertrain Warranty?

If it’s an electronics problem, maybe not. I’ve seen dealerships weasel out of the powertrain warranty concept because whatever broke wasn’t specifically covered under the definition of powertrain. i.e., “well the transmission computer isn’t part of the transmission hardware and so we’re not gonna cover it.”

Hmm, my F150 4X4 had a transfer case problem at 49700, was repaired under power train warranty.

have you read the owners manual to make sure you are trying to engage it properly?


Maybe true, but I suspect the dealer is told what to do by the manufacturer. It is the manufacturer’s warranty, after all. I’m not suggesting you are wrong, just trying to get the pecking order right so that the OP doesn’t go off on the dealer unnecessarily.