4x4 wear



I am considering buying a 2005 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 with only 38K miles. The dealer is replacing a (shock) actuator prior to certifying the vehicle. Should I be worried that someone has driven this truck too hard?


Have an independent mechanic do a complete inspection before you buy it. (not one of the dealers mechs though)

A close look at everything underneath should show if it’s been off-road or not.

Look for twigs, branches, grass, etc jammed in between pans and suspension components.

If it doesn’t have a skid plate check the oil and tranny pans for dents.

If that checks out ok, check the fluids for discoloration and a burnt smell.

As far as finding out HOW it was driven and serviced, unless you know the previous owner and how they drive, it’s a crap shoot.


Excellent vehicle…I own one myself.

As previous said…have it checked out by a trusted mechanic. The truck does have a skidplate…check to make sure it’s OK.


Yes, you should be. The lower parts of the body should show scratches and rock damage if the thing has been in the dirt a lot. In addition to what the other posters said.