2011 Toyota 4Runner - High miles and concerns

Looking to buy a 2011 4runner limited with 188,000 miles on it. I have driven an '02 4runner with 217,000 miles on it for almost 7 years now and have really loved the reliability. Just unsure about the 5th generation cars- as well as the number of miles on this particular vehicle. Should i be concerned?

All depends on how it was maintained and driven. Any used car is a gamble.
Pay an independent mechanic to inspect it prior to purchase.


Any 9 year old vehicle with 188K is a concern. This vehicle could be at the end of its life or have many more miles. It depends on how well it was maintained more than anything else. I hope it is really cheap.


Sure, the 2011 4Runner is 9 years newer than yours

But it has nearly as many miles

How about a 2011 4Runner with less than 100K miles . . . ?!

let’s be realistic . . . an extremely large percentage of drivers don’t take very good care of their vehicle, completely skipping on automatic transmission services, for example, to name just one maintenance procedure

That 2011 4Runner with 188K miles could be soon due for an automatic transmission overhaul due to lack of maintenance, for all I know

or it may have been chronically run low on engine oil, due to the attitude many people have adopted, which is to not pop the hood between scheduled services


Sure be concerned. You never know. Depends on the quality of its early life and construction. I had the trans in my Riviera overhauled at 350,000 just because I was driving all over the state and didn’t want a breakdown 400 miles away. The trans guy said it didn’t really look all that bad. Finally got rid of it at 520K without the engine ever being opened up. So you never know.

The first question for me is what are they asking for it.

Any used car is a coin flip. A thorough inspection pre-purchase can help swing the odds into your favor but even the most thorough of inspections does not guarantee a problem free ride.


I agree with the others. 188,000 miles represents a large potential for the owner to screw the car up. You’ll want to have it looked at by a mechanic before you buy at minimum. but I also agree specifically with @db4690 - you’re getting a newer car in years, but not so much in mileage.

What’s the point? Personally, I’d save up a little more and try to get a car that’s both newer and has fewer miles.

You have high miles. You want a newer, lower mile rig. You found a newer rig. Bite the bullet. Pay more for a lower mile rig.


I shouldn’t have corrected my earlier post

How about a 2017 4Runner with less than 100K miles

it’ll have more lifespan in terms of mileage, will have more safety features, will presumably have less rust, and might even be more fuel efficient