91 ford ranger

So i have a 91 Ford Ranger 4x4 with the 4.0 liter v6 engine. Several months ago the power steering stopped working, then started, then stopped, then started. It changed mostly with hot cold weather changes. The fluid reservoir has stayed full the whole time, and i thought it was just the belt getting worn, but finally got around to replacing it, with no luck on the pump. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’d rather not replace the pump if my problem is probably found elsewhere.

The same issue with my ranger 94 and that was one of the horrible scenarios in the history of my car. At first, the issue was just mild. but as i keep on driving, it keeps on taking place again and again. One day, i was so disappointed coz i have an important appointment at that time but manage not to use the car because of the said issue. So what i did few months ago was that I’ve changed 5 steering boxes, the rubber coupling that connects the steering to the steering box, disassembled the steering wheel (found looseness in the steering wheel fit and fixed that…don’t ask how and that was 60k miles ago), I’ve changed every part in the steering and linkage, all bushings, and really did not find anything wrong. The steering is still lose but it doesn’t get frozen. You can feel the resistance in the wheel (slightly) but you have to move the wheel an inch or so to get any appreciable steering input (enough to alter the direction of the truck) until i decided to bring it to the mechanic for a price of $900. I was supose to do my own Ford repair but i guess it’s just a waste of time and besides it’s hard to find reputable repair manuals on the net. Hope you fix your issue too…Good luck!