4WD won't engauge, fuse keeps blowing

I have a 96 Chevy pick up with 4 wd. The 4 wd drive used to work fine, then one day, when I went to engauge it, it never turned on. Turns out the fuse was blown, but when i replaced the fuse, the replacement blew as soon as I tried to put it in 4WD again.

Any thoughts?

Some data I looked at shows fuse #2 in the dash fuse panel goes to the transfer case. I’m not sure if that is the fuse you are refering to or not, but assume it is. If that is correct then I would say something in the transfer case is causing the trouble since the fuse only blew when you attempted to shift to 4WD.

If you can work on things like this yourself I think you would be making a smart investment if you purchased a service manual for the vehicle. It will show you where to look for this trouble in the wiring diagram. A good service manual will save you time and money in shop repairs. Ebay is a good source for new and used manuals.

There have been quite a few problems with the transfer case shift motors sticking due to corrosion as a result of moisture entering the armature housing or shift motor. Sometimes one can tap on the motor housing and break it loose (OPPS! don’t hit too hard, just tap). If this does not help I suggest having it properly diagnosed by a Dealer.