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4wd Ranger 2000

Recently Changed the Battery in my Ford Ranger 2000, and now the 4wd will not engage, I beleive it’s a fuse blown, but both the Ford book and the Thick Manual that you buy doesn’t talk about it at all.

Wish I had an answer for you, maybe this reply will get you back up front where someone who can will see it.

Perhaps the PCM lost some of its’ ‘memory’ while the battery was being changed.

Have you had any other issues besides no 4x4 activation?

Take a look under the hood for a black fuse/relay box. There should be a fuse associated with the transfer case module.

I haven’t had any other issues that I know of, I don’t know which fuses are what in the Distrubution Box under the Hood the Ford Manual doesn’t show them and the big green book for whatever reason doesn’t have the distrubution box in it.

I don’t know of any (perhaps there is) domestic vehicles without a black fuse/relay box under the hood. Most are located next to the battery. The list and id of each is written on a chart on the inside of the cover.

I beleive it’s a fuse blown

Why do you believe it is a blow fuse. I can think of no reason replacing a battery would cause a fuse to blow.

A fuse could ‘blow’ if it was weak to begin with and if a battery cable had caused a spark while in the process of being hooked up.