Transfer case

I have a 02 Explorer with 98750 miles we replaced the transfer case. The car is still not running in 4WD. It will in 2WD. The mechanic thinks it could be and electrical problem. How unsafe is this if we stop using the 4WD?

Do you live in an area where you NEED 4wd??

If not don’t worry about it.

HI Mike,
I live in Michigan, maybe every once in awhile I need the 4WD. I guess my bigger question is did I just waste a bunch of time and money? My mechanic still can’t seem to get the car to go into 4WD. Thanks, it is nice to know that the car is still safe to drive.

It’s safe to drive in 2wd. It will be like any other car with 2wd.

Please describe the initial problems you were having with the 4WD before you took your explorer to this mechanic. No way to determine if you wasted time and money without more complete information.

The gear-box itself is VERY reliable. The system of relays and servos that shift it are not…This is an electrical control problem, not a mechanical problem…Your “mechanic” should go back to delivering pizzas. Take the vehicle to a dealer and have them fix it right the first time…It’s a broken wire, a fuse, a bad connection, a faulty sensor…