4 Wheel Drive

I have a 1998 Ford Expedition XLT, Eddie Bauer Edition. This winter it is not going into 4WD. There is a switch on the front panel that enables you to put it in either AWD, 4WD HI, and 4WD Low. I do know that there are idiot lights on the instrument panel that do light up when it is engaged in AWD or 4WD. These are not lighting up and I do know that it is NOT in 4WD. My question is, could there be a fuse that needs replacing for this switch? Or could there be a problem with the relay switch? ANy other ideas? Thanks

You may have a failing vacuum motor or hose.

This truck uses a solenoid on the transfer case to shift the 4WD gears. The solenoid replaces the transfer case gear shift lever that used to be on the floor. There is a complete system of fuse, switch, module, a sensor, and the solenoid that make this system work. All are suspect when it doesn’t. Since the lights are not working, it could be a fuse or it could be a faulty module.

The fuse diagram is in the owner’s manual. If you cannot locate your owner’s manual, try this site :www.flmowner.com. Click link at the bottom for Owner’s Manuals, and fill out the form for year, make, and model or VIN.

The motor on the transfer case is very much like a windshield wiper motor…there are copper-ring contacts(position sensing) lubricated with a vaseline-like goo that gets very sticky when cold. Because the motors are often unused for for long time peroids (sometimes never), the wipers no longer conduct and the motor does nothing when you flip that 4WD switrch. You can sometimes get it to work by tapping (lightly!) that motor…sometimes not too.