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4 wheel drive vehicles

if a chevy equinox has a button with 4L on it is it mean 4 wheel drive low??

If I had to guess, I would say it is for towing with an automatic transmission to keep the transmission out of overdrive (making it a four speed tranny instead of a five speed).

What happens when you push the button? Sometimes it illuminates a light on the dashboard that gives you a better explanation of what it does.

If it is 4 low, you will notice a large increase in engine speed to maintain the same (low) road speed. Only try this from a stop, not while driving at high speed, until you learns what it does.

Why not read what the Owner’s Manual has to say about this button, as well as all of the other controls? The Owner’s Manual is the authoritative source for information, as it was written by the people who designed and built the vehicle.

If you do not use the Owner’s Manual, you will come to regret it.
If you do not have an Owner’s Manual, buy one!