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2005 Chevy Suburban 4WL Transmission Issue

Occasionally my Suburban with 66,000 miles will decide, upon starting, to move to 4 Wheel Low. Pushing Auto or 2 Wheel High has no affect. The dealership can find nothing wrong and simply performs a transmission flush. Am I heading for transmission disaster? What can I do to resolve?

This is a function of the transfer case, which is attached, but a separate unit from the transmission. Since you have a push-button transfer case, the problem is in the control module. Has the dealership actually seen it move into 4WL while trying to diagnose it? Does the transfer case actually move into 4WL, or just light up the button? I’m sure you know the difference in drivability. This truck is only 3 years old. If the warranty is still in place, demand the dealership replace the control module. I’ll bet it is defective.

Im putting my money on the chinese switch. (WAG)!

so long

Yes, I believe the car actually does move into 4WL. When I shut donw and re-start the car, typically it will go back to 2WH. Thanks for the response!