4 wheel drive on a 96 ford explorer

my 4wheel drive seems to be stuck in 4wheel cause my front drive shaft is turning and the twist button 4wheel drive is in the off position is there a way to get underneath it and take it out of 4wheel drive my self until i can get it home from work and take off the front drive shaft?

The likely case is your automatic hubs are not freeing up.

Sometime backing up straight disengages them. I would not “remove” a drive shaft as it would be easier to address the hubs themselves. When I owned a 4wd truck I left my manual hubs locked in the winter.

There is no harm in spinning the axle if the transfer case is not engaged except for a slight MPG loss.

If you make a sharp turn does it feel like it is grabbing? If yes it is stuck in 4wd, if no drive on until you get it fixed.

yes it feels like it is grabbing and when i take off at first it makes a popping noise right at the front of the front driveshaft the faster i go the faster the popping noise gets and when i get to about 40mph it stops popping i drove it 40 miles to work today no noise on interstate then when i pulled into the parking garage it started popping more then it was and grabbing and actually felt like it was holding the car back from moving forward and one point