My 98 ford exploder

when I put my truck in 4x4 the front makes a mean sound when i cut the wheels left or right. Now i know some noise will occur but the car will actually shift a little the opposit way i cut the wheels and make a POP sound…The pop will pop what feels like every 1 full rotation of the wheel Now I dont know what it is and the mechanics i have taken it to dont know.

Read this, and see if it describes what’s going on.


not there is no vibration, only a pop… and the car will slightly lift, once the car “pops” it will not do it again untill it has made one rotaion. but there isnt any vibration

Yup! That pop and the slight lifting is the drivetrain binding up. Keep it up, and you’ll be replacing very expensive drivetrain components.


Tester, How does livingood avoid turning right or left?

Keep it out of four wheel drive when on dry pavement or when all the tires have good traction.


Check the transfer case fluid level. The rear seal is prone to leaking and when the clutches get dry it gets a little funky. The leak will not be obvious.The front wheels are actually engaged all the time and the clutch varies in magnetic strength. At this time the fluid needs to be changed anyway. Under 2 quarts of Mercon. There are two 3/8 drive plugs on the case.

ohhhhh no I am a country boy and grampa would roll over in his grave if he knew i was leaving a truck in 4 wheel without cause… I live on a farm and i have to go out in the morning and I cant do it in 2 wheel drive… I checked the fluid… Its ok and in fack i changed it …It is never in 4 wheel on pavment… NEVER,… I pride myself on taking care of my car … Please dont tell me i have to replace the trans case… :-0

You might have a bad CV joint. That would do it.