1999 Ford Explorer front passenger tire acts like it is trying to lock up

Good evening all. Sorry to bother you, but looking for a little help if possible. I have a 1999 ford explorer 4.0L. manual trans. with a little over 275,000 miles on her. I backed it out of drive way and all was good until I turned my wheels just a little bit and it started acting like it was in 4 Lo on dry pavement. I was on a little loose gravel and I could feel the right front tire trying to lock up and slide. I pulled forward straightening out the wheels and all was good. As soon as I turn my wheels a little bit right or left, going forward or backward, the front end starts lurching and trying to like lock up until I go straight again. I climbed underneith and everything feels great under front end. I disconnected the motor on back of transfer case and still did same thing. I took front drive line out and it drives like a champ again. No problems at all.
So is it my transfer case or is it a censor someplace?
Any ideas anyone. Thanks for your help.
Bill H.

On a 19 year old car with 275000 miles, if you don’t need 4 wheel drive , I would just leave the front driveshaft out. If you do need 4 WD , I would rather invest the repair money in a newer one with less miles.

I’ve got to agree with @oldtimer-11 here. Is it really worth it trying to fix it?

Just the front passenger side wheel? Replace the rubber brake hose on that side.