Dodge ram 1500 oil pressure

Ok guys I’m baffled, my 2001 Dodge ram 1500’s oil pressure gauge keeps dropping to zero on occasion while I’m idling. I’ve already replaced the oil pump and the sensor. The sensor was changed first and it stopped lowering for a while then it started again so I swapped the pump, but it is now dropping again. The man at Autozone suggested a mechanical gauge to check it with but I haven’t done that yet. Could it really be a faulty dash gauge after all this time?? I could have saved that money! Lol thanks for your responses.

The mechanical gauge is usually the first thing that’s done, before replacing any parts.

Oil pressure should always be measured with a mechanical gauge before you do anything else. How else do you know what the REAL pressure is? The dashboard gauge is NOT accurate enough for this.

It could be a loose electrical connector. And I agree: start with a gauge.