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3rd party odometer reporting

My auto insurance uses third party odometer reporting to determine liability costs. I do maintenance on my vehicle, so I don’t need to take it in for service where the odometer is reported.

Are drivers able to take a vehicle to have them simply report the odometer without any services? (While the company probably benefits from selling the data, the local service staff will be inconvenienced to create an invoice with no actual work performed just to enter the odometer).

Are you sure you have correct information ? We have our coverage at a miles per year rate and the insurance company just has us return a form with the current mileage each year. Also you need to talk to your carrier rather than people here who don’t know who your carrier is or where you live.


One possibility: the delearship service center will submit odometer to 3rd party vendors without any service performed.

If you have emissions testing, they get it that way. I’ve had both; 3rd party and self reporting, depends on ins co…

Why would they do that and just how many of these 3rd party vendors ( who or what ever that is ) could they report to and still not use the one you need reported to . Also those places require a membership fee .

I’m not familiar with third party reporting. My insurer just asks on the annual renewal papers. How does the third party know to report your mileage? Do you tell them to call your insurer?

Insurance vehicle rates have several items that they use to set your rates . Miles driven in a year is one of them . Not all companies do this but some will run a check on Carfax or a site like that . If you have a rate based on low miles and they get a figure that seems to be higher that they expect it is red flag time. Now why Honda Guy thinks he can get a better answer here that his insurance carrier is curious.

Ask your insurance agent if there’d be any benefit to you by dropping by their office once a year so they can read the odometer themselves, and keep a record that way. I’ve done my own maintenance for years too, my 27 year old Corolla has never been to a shop, but emissions testing is required every two years here, so the State of Calif knows the mileage then, which I presume they pass on to the insurance companies.

The backup I suppose is the insurance company knows the mileage when you first purchase insurance, and they’ll know the mileage if/when you file a claim, so they can just apportion it out that way.

Just how often do you file claims? I could go 20 years paying substantial discount for low mileage then they find out that hasn’t been true for the last 15. How does that get resolved Or work for them? No, they want to know every year at the time of renewal what your usage was last year…

Reporting is also done by garages here doing state inspections. The insurance company has access to that info apparently.

We don’t have annual inspections. They are only done when the vehicle changes owners. What if my Indie garage doesn’t participate in CarFax? I find it hard to believe that all garages participate, unless they are required by law to report mileage in some way. That still leaves DIY drivers without a third party.

I never said it was all encompassing, just that it’s possible that way. Most insurance companies that offer these low mileage discounts also know the easiest route to getting accurate info. If they can get it without an owner attested form, they will.