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Accident & insurance company

I was in a accident recently, where the other drive is as fault. We both have different auto insurances, who just so happen to use the same collision shop. I heard someone mention that having a car at a collision shop who also uses the other parties insurance can create a conflict of interest. I’m not sure how true this is, but was wondering if anyone knew anything regarding this ? It has already been hectic dealing with the insurance company over the last several days. The other parties insurance is trying to get out of paying for something that is related to the accident. They had me get a diagnostic test done at a service center which said one thing was wrong with my car, of which it turned out to be a misdiagnosis. I had another mechanic check out my vehicle of which they were able to rule out the problem which was related to the accident. My insurance is now asking for a statement from my mechanic advising the issue is related to the accident. Meanwhile I’m out of money because the other parties insurance made it sound as if I didn’t replace the part the service center said had a issue then my car couldn’t be worked on . The part can’t be returned, but I have a receipt.
Does anyone have any advice ?

Just because it is the same collision shop is not a problem . The work has to approved by the claims adjuster and you also have to sign for the work. If it is not correct then you don’t sign plus you will have some warranty period.


The good news is the body shop meets your insurer’s requirements for acceptable work.

Most reputable collision shops work with all the major insurance companies. No problem with any conflict of interest. Stand your ground, work politely but firmly with the insurance company to put your car back in the shape it was before the accident. Some insurance companies will delay, deny delay deny and try to pay as little as possible, some others are more reasonable. Your shop has experience dealing with the insurance companies, get them involved and ask for their advice.


Around here you’d be hard pressed to find an A-1 body shop that also did not deal with the other company so not to worry. I don’t know what part you are talking about but you’ll just have to try and deal with it. Makes a difference I guess if it’s a $200 part or a $2000 part.

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Get an accident lawyer.