3cyl. metro

Are the 3 cyl. engines in the 90s metros all the same, can I replace on from any other 3cyl. metro? Or are there differences that must be considered.

Many Salvage Yards Have The Capability To Tell You Which Engines Will Swap.

So by that are you saying that some won’t work? or do you know that?

Salvage yards have info about which specific engines will interchange. Unless someone’s looked into your exact question (doubtful) they won’t know.

It’s been a while since the 3cylinders were made. As I recall there was only one 3 cylinder engine used in the Metro. The automatics got a 4 cylinder. The manuals were stuck with the 3. It should be a direct swap.

I worked on a buddies metro that had the three cyl engine and an auto trans. It was running poorly and when I popped the hood I said… “I see the problem. Your missing a cylinder!” He asked me if that was an expensive part…

Turned out to be a vacuum leak.