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328 BMW ASC Light Is On

'97 328i 231k miles

Just put on a fresh water pump and thermostat and hoses, along with a new PVC valve, oil drain hose, and a new power steering hose.

After this work - the automatic stability control (ASC) light was on. Have gone through three start sequences and driven several miles and it is still on.

The antilock braking system (ABS) light is not on, so I am guessing it is not a wheel sensor or lead.

Checked the three ASC fuses. All OK.

ASC throttle cable is in place and appears properly adjusted.

Electrical connectors on the ASC throttle and stepper motor look nice and clean.

I am completely out of ideas.

If I knew where the ASC control module was located, I have another '97 e36 loaner car that I can swap parts from, though the other e36 is an automatic, so the ASC control may not be identical.

Anyone have any other ideas? Know where the ASC control module is located?


This is an old thread, but just in case anyone ever pulls it up on a search and wonders what the resolution was - here it is.

The idiot who assembled my air intake system (aka - Me) put the hose clamp on the rubber boot over the throttle body with the screw right on top where it was easy to access with a screwdriver.

This car uses a second throttle outboard of the main throttle. The second throttle is controlled by the ASC. When the ASC detects that it needs less power from the engine, (e.g., rear wheels are spinning), it closes its throttle to slow the engine, even if the driver has the main throttle wide open.

When you start the car, the ASC cycles its throttle closed and then back open. The arm that actuates that throttle was striking that screw on the hose clamp and could not move completely through its motion, so the ASC set a trouble code.

BTW - I did not figure this out on my own. My web search turned up an account from another idiot confessing to the same mistake.