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325I values tapping

I have a 94 325I BMW with just over 100k and in the last week the values have gottin loud. Is there a chance the eng might blow? should i get a value job on the car?

Go to a qualified independent mechanic who is experienced on BMW and pay for a diagnosis before you come up with theories. It could be a weak oil pump or lack of oil besides your valve train. Don’t ignore this warning sign.

Also make sure this isn’t a timing chain noise. I had a 95 BMW come in with a failed timing chain. What a mess!


Could you provide some details on this rattle? Present all of the time, only on acceleration, worse when the engine is warmed up, etc.?

What I’m getting at is if this rattle is present only when accelerating and the engine is under a load then the problem could be an EGR system fault and what you’re hearing is a pre-ignition rattle.

What are thses “values” you speak off? At 100k miles you should not need a valve job unless drive the car hard, fast, and often. What you could be hearing is pinging from using regular gas, when you should be using premium.