2017 BMW X1 - Rattles

The engine rattles each time I start it for a few seconds when it’s cold and under about 65 degrees. It didn’t use to do this one year ago. I asked my service adviser, but he didn’t know. I did some research on google and it says the engine oil used should be a different one. I prefer to ask the CarTalk community that I trust. Thank you.

The oil cap indicates the proper viscosity of the oil that should be used.



Your BMW takes a special grade of synthetic, I think. Have you been getting your oil changed at the dealer?


Thank you Tester and texases.
Yes, I have been going to the dealer I bought my car from and have been going there only for service.
It should be fine with the warmer weather coming up, but I will make sure to check the oil cap and what they say they put in.

I do have a silly question - Is the oil level correct and how often do you check it ?

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On a BMW I believe the oil level is checked each time the engine is started and is monitored while driving.

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Ask your shop what part of the engine the noise is coming from. They can use a mechanic’s stethoscope to narrow it down. There’s a couple of possibly pertinent tsb’s, one about of noise from the turbo unit, and the other from damaged engine mounts on the 4 banger 2L turbo. According to what I see the required oil spec is: BWM TwinPower Turbo LL-14FE+ 0W-20. I presume there’s no oil dipstick so you have to trust the computer to monitor the sensors. Ask your shop if there’s a way to indepently verify the engine oil level is correct. Or alternately, have the shop do an oil and filter change, presumably the oil level will be spot on after that, and see if that has any effect on the noise. I’m guessing this may be an engine mount problem.

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Hi Volvo_V70,
I did not check the oil level since I just went for service a couple weeks ago.
I trust the dealership can take care of that.

Thank you Nevada and George. If it’s the engine mount it does not sound good. It happens only when the temps are low outside. It did not happen when there was a heat wave and does not happen later in the day. Could some warmth affect the issue of an engine mount problem and stop the rattle? Thanks again to all your responses!

I just watched the YouTube video on how to check the oil level on a BMW, I would rather have a dipstick!

I have never seen this on a 2 year old car.

There is also a possibility that the OP is hearing piston slap when the engine is cold.

Thats a possibility! My Toyota engine sound like a diesel when started in the morning but will quiet down when engine has warmed up.Maybe the OP should ask the dealer if he could switch to a thinner viscosity oil.

That is not a good practice , You should always check the level the day after an oil change just to make sure it was filled properly. Even better is to check it before leaving the service place.

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As Ronnie Reagan said… Trust, but verify.

They’re already using 0W-20. I don’t think thinner oil is advisable.

0W16 by Valvoline

Like I said, if BMW recommends 0W-20, I don’t think thinner oil is advisable. Would void the warranty if there’s a problem. Better to solve the source of the rattle.

Does that particular Valvoline oil meet the European Specifications that are required by BMW?

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Thanks again everybody who posted. What a great CarTalk community! It was really bad yesterday morning because the engine even shut down with a lot of rattle. I called BMW America, they could not tell me if this was a known issue. I have an appointment with the dealership and will leave the car overnight for them to start it cold in the morning. The car was fine this morning though, and I think it’s because I drove it around 9pm last night. It’s a bit of a mystery. Maybe we can play stump the chump if we get a clear answer.