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Vibration/Knocking when accelerating


When I accelerate, I can feel the car vibrate. It stops as soon as I release the accelerator. It used to happen only if I drove more than 180 miles. But now, its happening on a regular basis right from the get go.

What year is this car?
How many miles does it have on it?
How’s the maintenance history been?
Are you able to hear knocking when you accelerate as well as feel it?
Is it a clear knocking, or does it sound like marbles in a coffee can?

One of my best friends had a car that did this. they talk her it was her torqe converter.


That’s only one of many possibilities including but not limited to preignition, misfiring due to overdue maintenance, a broken motor mount, a weak fuel pump, a bad main or rod bearing, and countless others. Knowing whether this car has OBDII and knowing something about its history, as well as getting as clear a description of the noise, should help narrow it down a bit.

Knowing if it’s a manual tranny might help too.