1995 BMW Rattling


I have a 1995 BMW 325 that has started rattling under the front end of the car at just about exactly the point that would be level with the center of the dashboard inside the car. There doesn’t seem to be any particular reason that it does this. At first it was only when I accelerated during a moderate to sharp right turn, but now it will start when I’m fully accelerated, sitting at a stop, accelerating off a stop…etc. It also doesn’t always do it during any of these and sometimes will go a day or two without doing it. It’s a fairly deep, throaty sort of rattle. If anyone has any ideas about what I might be looking at-and how much it would cost to fix =( I would be most grateful. Thank you.


That is usually a heat shield in the exhaust system. Have your mechanic take a quick look at it when it is on a lift. Usually the offending part can be removed, tightened or replaced.


[b]The noise might be from a worn timing chain.

I have a 1995 BMW 325Ti in the shop right now that jumped the timing chain. The owner ignored the noise the timing chain was making, and this resulted in the the timing chain guides being chewed to pieces and a couple of bent valves.

What a mess!