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3 step fuel and inductions system cleaning

I have a 2007 Honda CR-V. The guy at Goodyear says I need to have this work done for $106.56.

Is that true? That is a LOT of money for something I have never heard of.

Usually unneeded at nearly any mileage, for sure not needed for a 2007. Unless you had a complaint of an engine performance problems (and I bet you didn’t), this is unnecessary work. Also time to check your owner’s manual and see if Honda thinks this is ever needed, except under perhaps the most negative or dire circumstances. Otherwise that money is better spent elsewhere.

Agree, this is one of the biggest ripoffs now, very very seldom needed, always suggested, especially at the chain stores. You now know not to trust them.

That is a LOT of money for something I have never heard of.

I suspect the guy at Goodyear didn’t know much about it either until the shop bought the profit-making induction cleaning machine. 99% of the time, they’re pushing it to generate more revenue for them. The other 1% is usually when you’re experiencing a driveability problem with your car.

If your car is running fine, and this service isn’t listed in your vehicle owner’s manual (which I believe it isn’t), then you can kindly pass.

Your CR-V does not need this “service.” Save your money.