Maintenance upsell or necessary service for Honda CRV?

I took in our 2017 Honda CR-V for regular oil change and tire rotation at 38,000 miles. The mechanic recommended two additional services a Platinum Fuel Service for $180 and brake system fluid replacement for $110. I said “no thanks I need to check with my husband…” which really meant “search the internet and post on CarTalk.”

From my research it sounds like the fuel service is not necessary with regular oil changes (which we do) but not certain on how often the brake fluid needs to be replaced in this vehicle.

Honda uses an electronic “maintenance minder” system with cryptic codes so I can’t tell what is actually due at 38k since the mechanic cleared the computer and I don’t recall what the dash said.

Any idea if we should do either of these? The car is not having any problems.

Thank you!

Fuel service - No ---- Brake Fluid replacement - Yes


I live dangerously, I guess. Never had a fuel service and only replaced brake fluid when having brakes done, in my 03 that was 2 times in an 03 with 190k miles until it was rear ended hand had to get rid of it. Not saying it was the right thing, just what I did.


The brake fluid should be changed every 3 years/36,000 miles.

But, you can also measure for voltage in the brake fluid to see it contains moisture.

If it measures more than .03 volts, the brake fluid needs to be changed.


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Brake fluid replacement is service code 07 or no longer than 36 months.

You should check the service codes in your maintenance manual before going to the shop so you know what maintenance to request.


Yep, brake fluid is about right on time. Skip the fuel system clean, use a ‘Top Tier’ gas.

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I must have been living dangerously all these years. Have only replaced brake fluid when a brake job was done. That was at about 50,000 miles or so. Then at 100,000 miles.

Replaced fuel filters regularly as required and changed the brake fluid with every complete brake job.

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