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Engine Induction Service

I have a 98 Honda Civic with 122K miles. The place where I get it serviced is recommending I get an “engine induction service” to get better gas mileage among other things. Should I or is this a “rip off”?

This is commonly a rip-off, especially with such a general description. Does you car exhibit any problem? Recent drop in mileage, poor running, that kind of thing? And is this a ‘quick lube’ kind of place?

Save your money, this “service” is not necessary. This is what’s know as a Profit Generator.

The gasoline you buy contains detergents, by federal law, that are designed to keep the injectors, valves, etc clean. You don’t need anything else.

No its not a quick lube place, its the Honda dealership. As far as I can tell my car runs fine, I always have the scheduled maintenance done.

OK, dealership is a (small) step above a quicky lube, but they commonly recommend unneeded services. Given that it’s running fine, save your money. And make sure the ‘scheduled maintenance’ you have done is what’s listed in the factory manual, not what the dealer tells you. A fiend had a Honda dealer give them a made up ‘maintenance schedule’ containing lots of unneeded stuff.

Thanks I’ll do that

Agree; today’s gasolines are sqeaky clean and have lots of detergent in them. You can add some addititonal “induction cleaner” to you gasoline tank for about $9 if you like.