2x2 to 4x4

Can a 2 wheel drive truck be converted to a 4 wheel drive and if so how hard is it to do and how costly would it be?

Anything is possible with enough money. Your better off trading this one in for a 4X4 truck.

The cost to change this truck to 4X4 with be substantial. A short list of parts required to make this work: 4X4 transmission, transfer case, front differential and axles, 4X4 suspension, 4X4 front steering knuckles, and possible fabrication to fit front 4X4 suspension pieces. Plan on spending about $3,500 to $5,000, depending on what fabrication is required to fit all these pieces to the truck. Your better off finding a 4X4 truck if that’s what you want.

Also, to nitpick, when you say 4x4, the first number is the total number of wheels and the second is the number of driven wheels. So a regular old 2wd car is a 4x2. A 2x2 would be something like a segway.

Back in the 70’s there was a craze to convert Chevy Vega’s to a 4wd with a 350 V8. Anything is possible…but at what cost.

It’s NOT worth it if you ask me. Depending on the vehicle it could cost well over $10k. Far Far cheaper to sell your 2x2 vehicle and buy the 4x4 you want.

It can be economically feasible if you have a , cheap, wrecked 4wd of the same type and do it yourself.

Until you discover the center frame cross=member has been hot-riveted in place and will need to be removed and re-located…For $2K you can just buy one…Would you convert you washing machine from a 2 wash cycles to 4 wash cycles if that required replacing the transmission in the washing machine?? Of course not…