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Can you add 4WD to a 2WD pick up

I bought an 04 dodge dakota about 6 months ago and I like it a lot, however its 2WD and I thought I could deal with that. I cant! Is it possible to have 4WD installed or am I destined to trade this thing in?

Usually the 4wd and 2wd versions of a truck are constructed somewhat differently, with the 4wd having heavier duty components and a different front suspension design. Anything’s possible given enough money, and admittedly there are some trucks where the 2wd and 4wd models are otherwise pretty similar, but even then it will still probably be cheaper for you to just trade it in for a 4wd model.

Sure, it can be done, but the ultimate cost will likely be about what the current book value of the truck is. Extensive replacement of so many components does not come cheaply. And, then of course, there is the question of whether the 4WD would function properly after all of that work.

Not a feasible option if you’re paying somebody to do it. If you have the equipment and expertise (and a totalled 4wd Dakota) that’s another matter. Course, then you wouldn’t be asking us!

In the 60’s and 70s’ it was pretty feasible, but not now, you would easily, easily spend more than the truck is worth, probably more in this endeavor provided you can find someone with the expertise to do it at all.

With a modern truck it’s going to be a fabrication and fitment nightmare, nothing will “bolt in” Then you have the issue of the electronics involved. You’ll need a transfer case, a whole new front suspension and the front drive train, new driveshafts, significant wiring and even modifications to the cab, and more.

In short this is a bad idea. It would be much easier and far cheaper to trade the 2WD model in on a 4WD Dakota of the same vintage.