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2nd Try with Aftermarket PS Hose or go for OEM?

Just had my high pressure power steering hose replaced on a 1990 Corolla. The shop replaced with an aftermarket hose and there’s a new whirring sound at low RPM’s which isn’t really bad but I’d rather not have to listen to it.
(I know it’s an old car but it runs great, serves my needs and has been reliable for 22 years!)
The shop checked into the noise and feel that it’s the quality of the hose and the only solution is likely getting an expensive OEM hose.
They are willing to try another aftermarket hose but don’t think it’s going to help after talking with the parts dealer about the noise.
I like my shop and wonder if it’s cheesy asking them to try another aftermarket hose versus pony up for the OEM (if I really want to get rid of the new sound).

The hose just transfers the high hydraulic pressure from the power steering pump to the rack & pinion assembly. If there’s whirring sound, it’s not from the power steering hose. But from the power steering pump.


Thanks Tester. I and I think the shop was thinking it was the hose because after I noticed the leak, the shop topped off the PS fluid in the pump. I drove another 150 miles with no whirring sound (and I think no significant loss of fluid). When the hose was replaced the whirring sound showed up.

When the hose was replaced all the power steering fluid drained out of the system. When the fluid was added after the hose was replaced, the steering wheel should have been operated from lock to lock with the engine running to purge all of the air out of the power steering system. If this isn’t done enough times air can be trapped in the power steering system. And this can cause the power steering pump to whir. If you’ve driven the vehicle and the whirring is gone, all the air has been purged out of the power steering system and you’re good to go.


+1 to Tester