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Power steering pump ram

Hello I had a leak in my power steering hose the high pressure hose and it would spray out the power steering fluid at first I didn’t know we’re the liquid was was coming from then my power steering pump started to make a noise and eventually gave out I replaced the pump myself and found that the high pressure line was the cause I fixed the line and did my best to get the air out of the system after doing so my power steering would get slightly stiff under higher pressure driving such as pulling out then turning the wheal all the way from one side to the other and I took the cap off to see if it had more air in it I tortured tested the pump by driving the vehicle and turning the wheel dramatically to one side then the other and after a while it just doesn’t work now​:sob::sob: what did I do wrong or did I just get a faulty power steering pump

you should just have to turn the wheel all the way left and then right a few times to get the air out of the system. you probably have a lose line connection or some way air still getting in the system. but there is a chance you got a defective pump. also there is a power steering pressure sensor that could be leaking or defective. i have had that problem on a ford. you will have to look up where yours is located. you should go back where you got the pump and exchange it for another one. it should be covered under the warranty, you just got it.