2AZFE cam issue

I having an issue. I removed my 2004 toyota camry cam lobes and when I put then back my timing chain marks do not align with the cam and, I have read the manual but I don’t find a solution to my problem. Any help will be well appreciated

Did you put them back in the same location they came out of?

Did you have all the marks properly aligned before disassembly? Did you take the chain gears off the camshaft? Did you have both intake and exhaust cams off at the same time? Is there a YouTube video showing alignment procedures?

Just out of curiosity why did you remove them? What problems were you having that made you want to remove them. How many miles do you have on your car? Also do you have the official maintenance manual from Toyota?

Wild guess . . .

he replaced the head gasket . . . ?!

I did the valve stem seals, and removed both intake and E cams at the same thing very delicate. So I put them back to together and it was perfect but I forgot the valve lifters then I removed them again and when I put them back together my marks where off and both top marks do not align with the arrows. I’m totally lost

I wander if I can upload a video here?

I did the valve stems seals and I was in the process of doing serpentine belt tensioner etc.

It may take one extra crankshaft revolution to get marks aligned?
It is one camshaft revolution per 2 crankshaft revolutions.
Also, make sure you rotate it carefully, by hand, for few full revolutions, before you try starting the engine - you do not want to figure that valves tap pistons under high rotation speed conditions

What do you mean by carefully, can you just rotate the crank at will? And my other question is that I never rotated the intake and exhaust cams and out of nowhere they don’t align

What I mean it the chain had some tension between the intake sprocket and the exhaust sprocket, and the marks on the sprockets aligned with the arrows behind them and now both intake and exhaust sprockets marks not align with the arrows behind then and the chain caves in in the middle both off by couple tooth when I align my chain colors with the marks on the sprocket

I uploaded a short video to show my issue and thanks for all of your help. I do appreciate it. https://youtu.be/oicXzfB3CIo

first of all: I’m not the expert, I’m DIY-er and my advise has to be taken with a grain of salt

IMHO, if you observe misalignment by 1-2 teeth, probably you did not properly tightened the chain when you installed it

you have to carefully rotate the crankshaft to get its sprocket aligned with a mark first

then you have to make sure that the chain is tight on the side opposite from the tensioner and check if you camshafts marks align

if not => it’s time to compress the tensioner and correct the issue, then retest

you can rotate the crankshaft by putting back the harmonic balancer bolt

do not screw in this bolt all the way to the stop, use a couple of spare nuts as a spacer or you can damage the crankshaft

note the timing marks and parts location here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_PP27yaDrQ

What about the marks on the sprockets and the arrows behind the sprockets, aren’t they supposed to align even without the chain on?

note that you have to start from camshaft in DTC and you have to install chain there first!

Even if you are not a mechanic I do appreciate the inputs. I uploaded another short clip to explain my issue better. https://youtu.be/nw4hDEiyBL4

If this is an interference engine do not rotate the crank another revolution by hand without the timing chain or you could bend some valves.

You are right, I never thought of that. I probably already did bend some valves that would be crazy.

You need to position the chain on the cam gear so there is no slack on the right side or between the two can gears. Lift the chain and move it on the cam gears to a position that is tight.