2AZFE cam issue

It may not be interference. Do a google search and find out.

I think I got lucky it is a non interference 2.2 Liter gas engine. The diesel is interference. So does that means that if my chain where to split apart in a middle of a trip my engine would be fine?

Some cars you set motor to 60degbtdc or thereabouts as it moves all pistons down in bores. Then you can rotate cams as much as you like. You lock cams in position and then move crank back to correct position then install chains/belts.

No, it’s not

it’s a 2.4 liter gasoline engine

The 2.2 liter gasoline engine was the old 5S-FE, which was definitely non-interference

I’m going to ask you a very simple question.

Why are you attempting to line up the timing marks for the camshafts when the bearing caps for the camshafts haven’t been installed?


So my engine is interference and what would be the damage caused by rotating the crank by hand with the chain off?

I didn’t say you had an interference engine . . . YOU just did in your last comment

I only corrected you, when you said you had the 2.2-liter non-interference engine

And then I stated you in fact had a 2.4-liter engine . . . and I’m not certain if it’s interference or not

I do agree with you and thanks for all of your help. I just want to make sure I didn’t bend a valve cranking the engine by hand without the chain.


I had to call a mechanic to time it. It was easy stuff. All he did was tighten the cam lobes and start spinning the cam lobes until they met the desired timing. The crank had to be at tdc. You can spin the crank just do it slowly and place cilinder 1 at tdc then you can spin the lobes until they meet the marks. Just be carefully with interference, but as far as I know the mechanic did spin the cam lobes several times to get it at the marks, then he told me to hold the chain, grabbed a zip tie and hold the chain in time. Then he told me to leave the zip tie in there because the tensioner will do the work later. Thanks to all of you guys.

It was easy when I had a skilled tech do it.

Our $500,000 press wouldn’t run. None could fix it. We had tech come in and he flipped a switch and it started. That will be $1000. No way we said. So he unhooked switch and left. Now what?