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29 Chevy

Help… I’m having a hard time finding parts for this car. It’s a problem with the rocker arms and push rods. Thanks herbs

Try antique car forums, shows, and magazines.
This one may be tough. '29 Fords have a true subculture, '29 Chevys not so much. You may just end up a machinist having some modern standard part (or raw stock) machined to the required dimensions.

Have you checked the ads in Hemmings Motor News?
There are some companies that manufacture parts for antique and classic cars, and if they advertise anywhere, it would be in that publication.

Thanks, I’ll try Hemmings.

I expect you’ll be able to find aftermarket rocker arms and push rods for a 29 Chevy. Definitely for a 29 Ford Model A, but likely for a 29 Chevy too. Besides using Google, visit the largest bookstore in your area, sus out the automobile section in the magazines, and see what you can find in magazines dealing with classic cars. The back section of those magazines often have a list of parts suppliers. There are probably a bevy of classic Chevy resto-clubs across the USA, so search the pages for those groups and clubs too. The folks that join those organizations know where to find parts, or if parts are no longer available, they’ll know who can machine some for you.

Heres just a couple that look like they have engine parts. Not cheap, but you knew that. Just Google and look around. Wisconsin New Jersey

If you are on the East Coast, try They have events throughout the year at various locations, and they have parts for classic cars.

And good luck getting it fixed. It’s cheers me up knowing these old cars still have people to take care of them.

The market for pre-WWII cars is dropping, except for super popular ones or super collectible ones. Hemmings would be the first place I’d look.