Body parts for 96 chevy astro

I am at my wit’s end. I have a chevy astro 96 and my driver door and back hatch is rusting out. I am trying to find somewhere that I can get a door and hatch. Every place I go to just tells me they are not available but they can get them. Yea, for their price. I figured it would be cheaper to get one myself and just get it painted. Would save me a lot of cost. Jcwhitney and partsplace. No luck. 2 Junk yards I went to and after walking for half hour, they were rotted out. I know some vehicles you can get the part for a different year but will fit, but I can’t find out what year will fit my 96. My door is electric locks and windows. Any website offered would be awesome. I found a door on ebay from a 2004 astro but didn’t look anything like mine. Is there a site that will tell me which models fit mine for the door and my top part of my back hatch? Thank you.

You can give these guys a shot:
The catalog is:

Your van is listed on page 28. It also shares the same body parts as the GMC Safari.

The part may not be perfect, but only the professional will be able to tell. Theyll be brand new, and will require full assembly and paint.

They don’t list the body parts on-line (at least not for yours), and they’re not in the book, either, but they’re adding parts all the time.

You can try a junkyard for Safari parts…there may be a few more of them.

try these links

Yep You can search by area and will list by price condition etc. For used anyway. Prices are all over the mat though.