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Mechanic Mystery Problem- car shuts off?

I recently bought a 2001 Chevy Cavalier with 85,000 miles in October 2014. Since that time, I’ve fixed the brakes, done emissions testing, etc. But recently the car started to act funny: the trac off and engine light would appear and then the shift between 1 / 2 gear or 2 / 3 would rev up high. I’d stop, pull over, turn off, turn on, and then continue. I was worried, so I took and the mechanic changed the transmission fluid. However, the problem is getting worse. I was driving, the trac off and engine light came on, and about 30-secs later the oil and battery light appear and the car shuts off. I took it back in and they ran tests to check it, but have no idea what the problem could be. I don’t drive my car very frequently, mostly weekends to visit my family who live about an hour 1/2 from me. But so far everytime I drive it, the car stops.

Some suggestions I’ve heard:
– low fuel injection?
– wheel speed sensors

I don’t have a lot of money and am hoping that suggestions and ideas on here can help me avoid paying too much for trouble shooting. Additionally, I drive home to be with my family because my sister is battling with cancer. It is important to me to try and solve this problem as soon as possible.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

I did some surfing and found someone with a similar problem and it was the coolant temp sensor. But fuel pressure could also be a problem with the engine cutting off. The mechanic could drive it and check the fuel pressure when it dies.

Just as some simple possible band aid work arounds, change the steering tilt and drive the car with one key in the ignition and no other keys or key chains. If life is good ignition switch issues.

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I don’t think it’s wise to use your real name

Not that anything will necessarily happen, but I think it’s wiser to edit your post and remove your name

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Has anyone at least pulled any diagnostic codes on the car? If you have an AutoZone, O’Reillys, Advance Auto, etc in your area they will do this for you free of charge. You might have that done and post back with any results.

As to using your real name I also suggest that be edited.

I’ve got a very unusual name and there’s no way I want it out there publicly on the internet. I spent most of my school life swearing that when I turned 21 I was going to change it legally due to the non-stop parade of puns I had to listen to for year after year.
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two mechanics have run diagnostic tests but no codes appear. the second mechanic said he drove 30 miles and the light never came on. it’s a very sporadic problem, which i’ve noticed only when driving slower. otherwise i haven’t noticed any patterns to replicate it when i want to. i did do some research and saw others with the same problem, usually with more mileage. however, i haven’t seen any answers to how they solved the problem.

for all those concerned that my very common first name is exhibited- i will see if i can figure out how to edit it.

I pulled this off a Cavalier site and it seems to be the fix.
“Same issue with Trac light abd engine check light. Changed spark plugs, spark plug wies and the TPS sensor…plugs had never been changed in 126k miles. TRAC light is not on anymore and car does not stall at lights and transmission shifts smooth again.”

Also, was this one of the cars recalled for the ignition switch? Was the recall done?

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The trouble you are having may be due to a faulty alternator. You could disable it for a little bit to see if the trouble goes away when you do that. The battery warning light will come on and the battery won’t be charging but leave only the basic accessories on that you need. To disable the alternator remove the plug on the back side of it and then start the car and go for a test drive.

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Did you ever figure out what was wrong with your car?

Yes. I took it in and to them to start by replacing the TPS sensor. That
totally fixed it and no other problems afterwards. It wasn’t that
expensive either.

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Also, how did you change your username?

Is her/his/it’s name violet, Laura, or something completely different? Regardless, a first name only is not much of a risk.

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