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2003 Cadillac Escalade ESV - Shakes

When I turn on my Escalade it shakes a lot i changed the spark plus,oil,and air filter it got a little bit better but it still shakes when I’m stoped please if you can help me with problem I will really apriciate at it

Have the Idle air control (iac) valve checked, cleaned or possibly replaced.

There is no IAC valve on this engine.

Have the electronic throttle body cleaned.


Is the check engine light on? How long has it been on?

Ok thank you ill let you know the results

If the condition improved with a spark plug swap then this leads us to believe that the shaking you are describing is related to engine misfires

If this is true your vehicle will be trying to tell you exactly what is happening and where the misfires are… we need the codes for this and if they are misfires they will be P03xx codes… the last digit will be the cylinder number that is misfiring.

So we need those codes.

However, Mustangman asked the following question, over two weeks ago, and there was no response:

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