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2008 Chevrolet Corvette - Any warnings

Possibly buying a 2008 Corvette convertible with the LS3 engine. It has 33,000 miles on it. Anything I should be aware of?

Yes, high insurance rates . Other than that it is just like any other used vehicle .

I’m going to possibly go against the grain here . . .

Pay to have it inspected by somebody who specializes in Corvettes


@cdaquila This OP has 2 identical threads .

10 year old Corvette, with 33K on the clock? The car was owned by the typical 1st Corvette owner. Drove it 3300 miles a year. Probably been waxed as many times as the gas tank has been filled. Loves owning a Corvette. At a cocktail party, the original owner will tell you he owns a Corvette the second sentence out of his mouth.

Pretty low risk used car. Like @db4690 says, have it looked over by a Corvette specialist. Some dealers, like McCluskey Chevrolet in Cincinnati, Ohio, Bud’s Chevrolet in Celina, Ohio or Kerbeck’s Chevy all over New Jersey have those specialists.

A couple of times each year, at meetings, I was subjected to a guy who worked in a different school in my district. No matter what the topic of conversation might have been, within a few minutes, he always managed to tell people that he owned both a Corvette and a Cadillac.
Sadly, this guy didn’t realize just how insecure he sounded because he simply HAD to drop those factoids into every conversation. Many people would just roll their eyes at his latest repetition of his car ownership, but he was apparently oblivious to their reactions.

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100% of people with Obnoxious Personality Disorder (OPD) are unaware of it.

The owner may overrate the low mileage and be asking a huge premium because of it. Unless it was impeccably maintained and never subjected to winter use, you should inspect very carefully for rust issues. Cars that are rarely used tend to rust out at accelerated rate in my experience. Critical areas of the frame and suspension that tend to go first on these cars. At that low mileage, other issues that occur with extended use may not apply- like spider cracks in certain body areas etc. A lot for me depends on the prior owner(s). If this is a one owner, geriatric woman, I treat that differently than a 30 year old man who likely drove it hard and put it to bed wet…Curious, what is the owner asking for this car?

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It is a dealer in my area. Their asking price is fair and not overpriced. It is a stick shift and is still sitting on the lot after 2 months. They are looking to move it.

You don’t say where you are located geographically but in my area, most people are getting their last kicks in before getting ready to put these to bed for winter. It will get harder to unload starting this month and that works in buyer’s favor. You seem reluctant to divulge the asking price or prior owner info and that’s fine but I cannot offer anymore advice without specific details. Good luck in your decision…

Mark, I don’t care about price because Corvette prices can be all over the board for the same year and equipment . Just buy the thing and enjoy. And make your first road trip to the Corvette Museum .

Nonsense. There’s nothing magical about Corvette prices. They are the same as any car. They vary based on how they are equipped and the wear and tear. We’re talking about a 2008 not a vintage car…

Thank you and that’s just the way I feel about it. On my way now

sure am glad I don’t have it!



wait a minute…


Price is $25,000 and I live out here on the west coast

I’m on the east coast and that is right in line with dealer full retail pricing. Not a bargain but also not out of line. However, given it is end of the season for those in these parts and it’s been sitting for two months, I would want a discount if it was around here. On the left coast, the season doesn’t end…the only leverage you have is how long it’s been sitting now and if anything turns up on detailed inspection. Good luck, nice car…