2021 Tesla Model 3 - Screen spaz

The screen on the Tesla began ‘spazzing’ randomly tapping and selecting different things with no order. After a while the Tesla died, but now no matter what I try to jump (the 12v battery or the primary battery under the rear seat) it it staying dead. Is there anything I can do other than having it towed back to the dealer?

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If you are still in the warranty period then the dealer is what should be solving this .

The Tesla warranty is 4 years or 50000 miles so why are you even trying to do something . Lets just hope you did not void the warranty with this battery jumping .


Yes. Tesla offers on-site service in most places. Give your local service center a call and see if that is an option. Also, AAA may be a resource in this case. It does sound like you may “just” have a 2V battery issue, not that uncommon for the Model 3. Tell us how you make out.


It’s obviously an electrical problem with the user interface that’s preventing you from turning it on. It’s probably still powered and working connecting over the air back to Tesla, but you just can’t see or control anything. Do the key fob door handles or locks still work?