2006 Caravan 3.3

My daughter has a 2006 caravan 3.3. About 3 weeks ago she helped another girl jump her car. Well they hooked the cables backwards. Jump cables melted and smoked. She took them off pretty fast. Van seemed fine for about a week. Then she started needing jumps herself. I know nothing of this at this point. 2 days ago she pulls out and the van stops in the middle of the road. She calls me this time. Get there and her negative battery cable is melted about 4 inches from the battery post. Plus 3 dry cells in the battery. I have it towed to her house.
Get her a new battery. Fixed the negative cable. Install new battery. Turn the switch on. Everything in van works, head lights, fan works, radio works, turn lights, horn, windows roll down and up fine. Go to start van, no dash lights, starter doesn’t turn over, fuel pump not kicking in. Just a low clicking sound from fuse box. Next I take the starter relay out and jump the starter, starter turns over fine. Do the same at the fuel pump relay, the fuel pump starts working. So power is getting to everything and working, but when you turn the switch nothing. Thats about where Im at any help would be appreciated.

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Start with checking fuses 9 and 17 in the integrated power module. Other than that, you may be looking at some pretty intense electrical diagnosing. (Probably are either way).

have you tried completely replacing the relays in question?
have all fuses been checked?

Yeah have already checked all fuses. Yes swapped out the relays with known working ones. Was told by someone I know that’s works on cars that it probably has shorted the computer ECM. Said maybe try to replace it. He said when you turn the key on it runs a diagnostics on the system. Said with the instrument panel dead and the other issues that its probably dead.

allpar.com is devoted to Chrysler vehicles. They have a minivan forum, where I have found help for my minivans. You may, too. Good luck and please let us know.

Thank you very much

I wonder if the ignition switch is the crux. A wiring diagram might help.

Thought maybe that too. But when I turn the key to the on position everything else come on.

Is the above still the case?

Yes. When you turn the key on to the start position nothing. When I said dash lights I meant the instrument panel. Its just blank .

Each position of the key should make something discernable happen. Off-Run-Start. Which position has no discernable effect? Clues are there.

Start position

Circuit to starter motor open?

Not sure. I know if I put the key to on position and jump the starter relay in the fuse box the starter works, turns over. The same with the fuel pump.

Relay or its wiring/socket the problem?

Sounds like the Integrated Power Module got fried.


That’s what my friend thought. I think he was just talking about the small silver box on the front of the fuse box. That looks like a good deal on the whole setup.

What about this

The Integrated Control Module controls all the electrical functions in the vehicle.


That’s a good read.