Please help! ---- Trying to salvage my almost 10 year old 2004 Saab 93 Linear

This past July is stopped working. I had have it jumped and my mechanic attributed the problem to it needing a new battery. The car was still having problems and with advice from every from the repair shop, to the alley mechanic to AAA say the started needs to be changed. I had the starter replace by the alley mechanic.

Right before the starter was replace, I discovered the passenger side floor was soak with work for no reason. The “experts” said some type of plumb busted and like the work. As result, my electrical system (radio) and remote feature do not work.

With the replacement of the starter, the car still does not work. I’m so distraught as I’d hoped I could drive the car another 5 years, at least.

Now, it being said that it is either a " grounding" issue. (I have no idea what this is.) The mechanic who thought it was a started issue is now saying the alternator needs to be fixed!

Instead, I’m at a crossroads and don’t know what my next steps should be with this car. I really am emotional tied to the car and not having a car payment. The “experts” I’ve been working have no clue.

Options as I see it:

  1. Invest more cash infind out the problem. The car is stock in my building’s garbage. Jumping the car has not worked. ( it’s worth the invest, yes?)

  2. Get it charged (jumped) somehow and sell to CarMax. (Let them deal with it)

  3. Donate it to charity ( have them pick up a problematic car?). I dunno how to facilitate donations of this kind but I’ll find out.

Please advise. I need to make a decision within the next few weeks as I am paying for a parking space and insurance for a car the has been inoperable for a few months. I’m stuck :frowning:


If you sell the car “as is” you will get nothing for it. If you spend money to fix it and sell it, you might not get your money back either. It seems you are dealing with “alley” mechanics to save money - but these mechanics don’t always have good skills and often lack good testing equipment. At this point the battery could be simply run down. And you have an unknown “leak” or plumbing issue.

You need to either spend money and have the car towed to a GM dealer that previously sold Saab brand cars, or to a known quality independent repair shop that specializes in foreign cars including Saab and Volvo’s. I am not talking Sears, Midas, Pep Boys, or Meineke that would be another mistake. A really good mechanic should have no problem diagnosing your problem(s) and quoting you a price to repair it.

Your cheapest option is likely to repair and keep driving the Saab. But, at 10 years old this is going to be an expensive car to drive. At this age the car will need more repairs more frequently and some of them will be pricey.

I agree 100% with Uncle Turbo’s advice.
Yes, everyone wants to save money, but saving money by using an, “alley mechanic”, can wind up costing much more in the long run than if the OP had taken the car to a legitimate shop specializing in foreign cars in the first place.

I recommend that the OP have the car towed to a Saab-specialist independent shop for a full evaluation and the answer to the most important question, namely, “Is it worthwhile to keep repairing this car?”.

I also agree with @UncleTurbo 100%. I have a brother that likes Saab and Volvo as well. They are well built vehicles…except for their drive trains. He always pays through the nose for any repairs but he still buys them for some reason or another.

Hey Guys! I really appreciate your comments. I should have been more clear with my story. the alley mechanic was my last resort. Previous I had been having my car serviced by a legitmate repoair should that did specialize in foriegn vehicles. This same shop that told me that my battery needed to be replaced. Once, I replaced it, it still refused to work which them brought to light that the starter was an issue. Coincidently, the pump busted flooding my car flood which led to mechnical issues. I am confused as to what the next steps should be because I trust a legitmate shop that appeared to know no more than the alley mechanic. I guess my last resort really is the dealership.

Is car in garage or stored outside? U have new battery and starter. Will motor turn over at least? Battery may be discharged if it has sat for awhile. A wet floor is usually blown heater core but amount of moisture depends on where car is. Is it outside? You may have some electrical components under seat/carpet that could fail due to moisture.

Car is stored in a garage. it has both a new battery and new starter. The motor will not start. It is completely dead. The wet floor is door to the blown heater core. It was out side when this happen. Coincidently, it happen around the time of a rain storm. I think I do have some electrical issues because no lights will come on, not even the radio lights. This week, I am having it towed to a dealership that still services Saabs to understand the damage and cost of repair.

thanks for all the feedback folks! :wink:

Saab starter motor assemblies are designed such that the motors can be replaced without replacing the starter solenoid and/or the bendix assembly. For the starter to function, all three need to be working properly. Was the entire starter motor assembly replaced, or just the motor?

In addition, there’ll be a fusable link, a starter relay, the battery cables & connections, and the key cylinder itself that are all in the circuit.

You’re doing the right thing bringing it to a qualified Saab mechanic. Proper diagnosis first is the only way to approach repairs. I’m surprised the guy that replaced the motor cash your check without making sure the fix was effective.

Sincere best. let us know how you make out.