2021 RAM 1500 - RPMs surged and then truck started normally

while driving rpm’s suddently jumped to 5 grand, truck was in drive, but it seemed as though it went into neurtral, pulled to side of road, put in park waited a couple of mins then it seemed ok, It is a 2021 etorque laramie, we were 350 miles from home.

Sounds like a warranty issue (dealers problem) to me. Although you are far from home any Ram dealer will do.


Yes, this should be handled by dealership, not you. But if you are asking why such a thing might occur, one possibility is the drivetrain computer discovered an inconsistent reading when comparing the throttle valve position vs the accelerator pedal. Manufacturers use a lot of redundancy to make sure the computer knows when that happens, b/c it could lead to unintended accelerations. If computer discovers this, it often places the car is a special low power mode. Sometimes turning car off, waiting, then back on again resolves the problem. Sort of like when your computer locks up, turning it off and back on often fixes whatever causes it to happen. Suggest to monitor this situation. If it repeats, definitely schedule a dealership visit for a look-see.