2018 RAM 1500 - Slight vibration

i have a 2018 ram 1500 slt crewcab. the problem i have is a vibration that seems to come from the powertrain/transmission. it only happens when i’m driving around 50 kph and the rpm’s are just barely over 1000. the best way i can describe it it when im driving down say a flat road and i am slightly feathering the gas to maintain the speed, the truck would be in a higher gear and as i lightly touch the gas theres a vibration you can feel through the entire tuck. the second i let off the gas or give it extra to make it drop a gear its gone. this also happens around 80kph, when the truck is in a higher gear and lower rpm. thanks in advance to anyone who’ll take the time to reply.

What has the dealer done to address this? The truck should still be under warranty. Take it to the dealer.