2021 Nissan Pathfinder - Transmission issue

My 2013 Nissan Pathfinder turns on but sometimes does not want to shift gears. It just started doing this.???

If your Pathfinder has an “automatic” transmission, it’s a Continuously Variable Transmission and it doesn’t have “gears.” In any case, if it’s not behaving normally, you may be lucky and the transmission fluid just needs to be changed. Take it to a good independent transmission shop for a diagnosis.

I was very disappointed when Nissan changed the Pathfinder from a true SUV to a Crossover, but still called it a Pathfinder. It use to compete with the 4runner, now it competes with the Highlander.

Nissan has had a lot of problems with their CVT. I chose the 2014 Highlander because of the Pathfinder CVT. There’s a transmission place I use for tranny fluid changes. Pretty much all the dealers send him any major transmission work. He LOVES the Nissan CVT…gives him a lot of business.

Hopefully it’s just a fluid change issue. Keep your fingers crossed.

ok thank you