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2021 Hyundai Kona - SUV (Crossover) advice

Seeking some info on SUVs.After taking a Sr Defensive Drive Course, the instructor recommended Suv for Sr. Trying to educate myself, there are so many it is confusing. I am older , alone now and want something reliable and little smaller than my Ford Fusion, at least for parking. I think I am impressed with the Hyundia Kona and perhaps the Suburu Crosstrek. I like the looks and warranty on the Kona, but the reputation of the Subaru is good. I don’t put on a lot of miles. Just want something easy to park, reliable with fairly good gas mileage. Welcome your comments on my choices. I have not as yet test driven these vehicles. Thank You

That is your key sentence . Only a test drive will let you know if the vehicle suits you. The person recommended not SUV’s but CUV’s. Which stands for Crossover vehicle. Not a car or a large SUV . If you don’t need all wheel drive then don’t buy one with it.
Don’t know about your area but the big seller for seniors here is the KIA SOUL.
Also this is new car show season so see if there is one near you and you can see all most of the vehicle sold in your area.

SUVs and crossovers like the ones you describe are great for many reasons. Easier to get into and out of is a big one. You are also going to appreciate the new advanced safety features and driver aids. Here’s what a doctor we interviewed said about them. Here are reviews of the two you are considering: