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Hyundai Kona

Any thoughts on the 2019 Hyundai Kona? The limited model has all safety features ( rear camera, blind spot, lane departure), leather, nice trim, sunroof, and turbo with great gas mileage. Price is under 23k. I’ve been thinking about an SUV for light cargo, short trips. I like the 100k warranty. Any experience with Hyundai or dealers? Thanks for input

Yes, no one can make this decision for you and it does not matter what anyone else thinks about any vehicle . Not all dealers are alike so that is another question that will not have a universal answer.


Kona’s been getting many very positive reviews in the automotive press. It would be at the top of my look-at list if in the market for something in that category.

Automotive Press - I gave up on them years ago . I don’t think they have any idea how most vehicles are actually used on a daily basis.

The only opinion that matters to me is the other person in this house and we both have eliminated a vehicle purchase because it just did not appeal or meet the needs.


Whoa, Nellie! This is called General Discussion!

AudiFlyGuy also was looking for feedback on Hyundais, too. I’d bet he can get that here!

True, but what if a Hyundai owner has experience with multiple dealers and can attest to those all being good or all being bad or some good/some bad? Wouldn’t that be helpful?

Volvo, your quick answers provide about as much help as my non-helpful answers provide for AudiFly Guy! If we don’t have anything to offer in the way of meaningful advice, why not just sit back and watch this discussion unfold, eh?


My post may have been a dumb one. Idk. But I do appreciate feedback since I have just noticed this vehicle. I have not driven it yet. Just contacted a dealer to note my interest. Before visiting the dealer and perhaps considering the vehicle, I posted here because I truly know nothing about the vehicle except what the automotive press writes. Yes, I know it’s my decision. But your input does help especially if you have had experiences that are relevant. For example, I’ve heard Hyundai makes it very difficult to file a warranty claim. May be a rumor. But someone may have had that experience. Maybe someone has experience with a mini SUV and would share. It was just a post. I thank you for your replies.

Not at all. All questions are welcome here. We can (and do) discuss darn near anything.

Don’t go away. Stay tuned. This discussion should render some valuable take-aways for you.

There are Hyundai owners who post here regularly and some others who pay attention when new car models are hitting the market.

Keep checking this discussion for additions.

I have a 2017 Sonata that I’ve been very happy with. All service, consisting only of oil changes, has been performed by the dealer, and I’ve been happy with them also.

We are/were a three Hyundai family. The dealers have been okay. They are not going to jump in and do warranty work for no good reason, but that is no different that any other manufacturer.

The Kona gets nice reviews, nice looking car. Friend who drives a Lexus and an Acura test drove one and liked-also bummed about paying too much for his own cars :slight_smile:

The 2013 Sonata we have has the Theta II engine that is prone to rod bearing failure and it is burning some oil nowadays-not enough for Hyundai to fix it.
For that reason, I just will switch our Tucson with the same engine to a RAV4.

The Kona being new, the reliability can not be known. Maybe see what engine/transmission it uses and if it used in other Hyundai’s you can know what is on the way. Also look on Hyundai forums for early adopters posting their experieince.

Even though we are having engine issues with the Sonata, I think I will still go back to the brand as they give you a lot of options for the money.

No experience myself, but the postings I see here about Hyundai’s seem to indicate they are great cars for about 10 years, then start to exhibit problems that are often difficult to diagnose and expensive to repair. If you are looking to own a Kona for 10 years or less, which is what many new car owners are thinking when looking for new cars, the Kona could be a very good choice.